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Linguix Editor: checking texts, writing insights, and more

Document storage

Once you’re logged into the system, you will be redirected to the Editor. To get back to the Document storage you need to click Linguix logo in the top left corner of the screen and choose “Switch to old version” from the menu. Here you can:

  • manage your documents,

  • access writing insights,

  • switch preferred English dialects.

Editing content

Edit your content using Linguix Documents. You can create a new document by clicking the New button or choosing the existing document. Linguix automatically checks everything you type, which makes it easy to find and eliminate errors.

We added a rich formatting panel, so now you can work with your text directly inside the editor: play with structure, add relevant links and lists or even emojis to make the most of it.

Premium Linguix users may also export the documents on to PDF format. In order to do that, hover over the last button on the right panel and click it.

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