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Last updated 510 days ago

Tips and Tutorials about Linguix

How do I access my writing insights?

Click you Linguix Profile pic and go into Settings. There

Linguix keyboard for Android

We are now offering a free access to our Mobile

Managing your settings in the Linguix Keyboard for iOS

Linguix Keyboard allows you to choose the target English dialect

How to install the Linguix Keyboard for iOS

To install Linguix Keyboard, use this link or open the

Introducing the Linguix Keyboard for iOS

In order to deliver the best experience we need you

Linguix for Windows

With Linguix for Windows you can enjoy AI-powered writing on

Linguix for Mac

To install Linguix for mac, use this link. Click the

How to install Linguix for Outlook

Linguix for Outlook is now available to all our users

Installing Linguix for MS Word

To install Linguix for Word add-in, visit the official add-ins

What is Linguix writing digest?

Every week we send our active users email digests featuring

How does Linguix browser extension work?

Linguix offers a browser extension for top browsers such as

Linguix Editor: checking texts, writing insights, and more

Document storage Once you’re logged into the system, you will

Install the Linguix browser extension

Navigate to the corresponding browser’s extensions store, type ‘Linguix’ in

Accessing synonyms and vocabulary enhancements

When using the Web App, you can access the list

Mini helper

Use the “mini helper” feature to navigate through your document

How to uninstall Linguix browser extension

For browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge Google Chrome To uninstall

Does Linguix store my content?

Linguix AI-powered writing assistant will automatically check the text you’ve

What is Linguix Paraphrasing Tool and how it works?

Linguix for Browser features an AI-based Paraphrasing Tool. It helps

How do I change my preferred English dialect?

There’s a gear icon at the bottom right corner of

Content Templates Library: How to Use It

Linguix’s website provides additional feature called Content Templates Library. To

How to use Linguix Shortcuts

Tired of repeatedly typing something like “Hi all, I’ve applied

I write using UK dialect, why Linguix does not flag verb with "z" instead of "s"?

Sometimes Linguix does not flag some words that seem to

View synonyms for vocabulary enhancement

You can view suggested synonyms for most words both in

Word Definitions

The Linguix Chrome extension is not just about writing, but

How to set up Linguix on Google Docs

Linguix starts working in Google Docs when you create or

How do I enable Linguix in Google Sheets?

By default, Linguix works in Google Sheets out of the

Access real-time writing insights

Our Premium plan subscribers can access comprehensive statistics and readability

Disable the Linguix browser extension

To keep Linguix for future use, you may temporarily disable

Disable the Linguix extension on one or more websites

You can disable Linguix for specific websites. In order to

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