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Introducing the Linguix Keyboard for iOS

In order to deliver the best experience we need you to sign in and give the keyboard full access, so that it would be able to connect to the internet and get your writing checked.

Built by professional content creators, linguists and technology geeks, our AI-based assistant helps you to boost your writing productivity and fix millions of mistakes and typos in your English texts.


AI-fueled algorithm generates recommendations for grammar, punctuation, style issues, and provides human-like writing enhancement suggestions.

  • 2700 advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections

  • database of 9 million typos

  • punctuation and typography recommendations

  • comprehensive email reports with your writing insights

  • non-native English speaker-friendly grammar checking algorithm that helps, not demotivates

  • unmatched level of security: no data is stored on our servers longer than necessary to generate corrections.

The Linguix AI-based assistant can find and eliminate grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors even a well-educated native speaker may make or encounter. Our algorithm can produce recommendations and apply fixes based on all variations of common language, including US, British, Australian or New Zealand English. For non-native speakers it also shows alerts for often misused false friends.

Linguix makes your sentences as clean as a whistle. It instantly checks the spelling and grammar of your text, almost anywhere you may type it, including on social networking apps and messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn, email services like Apple Mail or Gmail.

Linguix Keyboard sends your text to our servers over a securely encrypted connection. No content will be stored on our servers longer than necessary to generate corrections.

By installing the keyboard, you agree to Linguix’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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