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Payments and Billing

Linguix's Terms of Service, Billing, and Refund Policy

Continuous membership All subscriptions made to our product will be

My payment was declined

If you encountered an error when paying for your subscription,

How do I get a receipt?

A link to print receipt is available for all charges

How I will be charged?

Linguix uses a feature called recurring payments, which means your

Why was I charged again?

We use a recurring billing by default. This means that

There is a payment to Linguix made from my new card, which I didn't add.

Such situation can occur when your financial institution automatically updates

There are unauthorized charges from Linguix

If you did not authorize payments to Linguix but see

How do I cancel my subscription?

Pro accounts In order to cancel your subscription for your

Does Linguix offer discounts?

Sometimes Linguix offers discounts. Usually, we share information about that

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay for Linguix plans via multiple methods including:

Why am I seeing a message that there is a problem with my payment?

In rare circumstances, Linguix may be unable to collect payment

I suspect that my account was compromised. What should I do?

We cannot charge the account if the user didn’t allow

I need to update payment information

To update your payment information, you will need to Log

How much does Linguix Premium cost?

Retail product (individual subscriptions) The monthly subscription to Linguix Premium

I have multiple Linguix accounts and I see your charge on my credit card. How do I know which account is this for?

Sometimes people occasionally or intentionally create multiple Linguix accounts. Once

I see multiple charges from Linguix on my statement.

Sometimes people accidentally create multiple Linguix accounts, and even upgrade

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