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Settings panel

The settings panel is the place where you can manage your subscription and so much more. The system allows you to add or remove team members and monitor your team’s activity directly from the admin panel.

Subscription management

All subscriptions can be managed by signing into your portal via For admin panel, please sign in to your account then visit this page.

From the subscriptions page you can:

  1. Change your team name

  2. Change the number of seats on your account

  3. Change the payment method on file

  4. Cancel your subscription

Writing statistics

In order to peruse your team’s writing activity, please view the Statistics page:

From this page, you can set a timeframe for your query. You can see the data about the number of documents, words checked, alerts shown during the last week and current month.

User management

In order to manage your team, please visit the Members page. Here, you’ll be able to see the current status of your team. You will also able to Invite new users and Remove existing team members.

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