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Linguix for Business

How do I use the Statistics dashboard in Linguix Business+ Team Plan

When you want to access your whole team’s writing insights,

Settings panel

The settings panel is the place where you can manage

How do I use the Statistics dashboard for Linguix Team Plan

If you’d like to access your team’s writing insights, follow

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do have an API, however, it’s not publicly

Linguix Style Guides

Style guide feature allows Linguix Team Plan users to create

Linguix Team plan and pricing

Contact us to discuss your Team plan onboarding. Monthly —

Team management in Linguix Team Plan

You can manage your team members (add or delete users)

What is Linguix Business?

Linguix is a Business grammar and spell checker which helps

Linguix Team Plan: Main Features

Linguix Team Plan Product is a universal solution for companies.

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