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Linguix Account basics

I forgot my Linguix account email

If you can’t remember what email address you’ve used to

I've requested a password reset, but did not get any emails

In the case, if you have requested an email for

I have a Premium subscription, but the app prompts me to upgrade

If you believe that you have a valid Linguix Premium

I cannot log in with my correct email and password

If you believe that you are using the correct login

I forgot an email associated with my Premium account. How do I restore it?

For your security, we will require you the ownership of

Can I change my type of English or Dialect?

Yes! You can now specify whether you’d like to use

How do I protect my Linguix account?

Security is our top priority. We understand that you might

Manage your subscription

You can change to Linguix Premium plan and manage your

I want to change my password

If you know your current password and can log in

How do I apply a promo code?

If you have a promo code for Linguix Premium, follow

I forgot my password

Go to our password reset page, enter your email, and

I want to unsubscribe from Linguix emails

You can easily opt out of marketing and information emails

I want to delete my account

If you would like to delete your Linguix account, log

I want to change my email address

Email address you use when creating your Linguix account will

I signed up with the wrong email

You can update or change the email address associated with

I'd like to update my payment information for Linguix Premium

To change your payment method: Sign in to your Linguix

I'd like to edit my name

To change your name, please follow these steps: Sign in

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