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Last updated 500 days ago

How free and Pro plans are different

You can use Linguix Turbo for free. However, the free plan has some limitations, including:

  • You can create no more than 5 shortcuts.
  • Shortcut length cannot be more than 1,500 characters.
  • Grammar checker and content rewriter are unavailable on a free plan.

We’ve collected all differences of free, Pro, and Team plans in the table below:

$8/per month
$5/per month Save 30%

Get Turbo for your entire team
Number of shortcuts
Go unlimited with our Pro plan
Characters in shortcuts
Create larger shortcuts with Pro
Rich text formatting
Make your content look professional
GPT-like grammar checker
Apply grammar corrections to improve messages
Paragraph rewrite
Get AI-generated rephrasing suggestions
Team templates
Create communication templates for your entire team

Upgrade your account today by vising this link.

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