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How do I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade to Linguix Turbo Pro using this link.

How free and Pro plans are different

You can use Linguix Turbo for free. However, the free

I’ve lost my password

To restore your password, go to https://turbo.linguix.com/login and click Forgot

What languages are supported?

Linguix Turbo user interface is in English and this language

What websites are supported?

Linguix Turbo browser extension works on millions of websites. Most

Can I add links, lists, and other formatting?

Yes you can! Linguix Turbo features an in-built WYSIWYG editor,

Rewriting shortcuts for clarity

With Linguix Turbo Pro subscription not only you can check

Checking English grammar within shortcuts

Linguix Turbo has a unique feature that helps you to

Inserting shortcuts

To insert a shortcut, just type “//” followed by a

Creating your first shortcut

There are several ways of creating shortcuts for text expansions

Getting started with Linguix Turbo

New to Linguix Turbo? Welcome! We’re excited to show you

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