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Last updated 510 days ago

Resolve Issues

I can't use Linguix in Zoho

On Zoho, you can use Linguix in plain text mode.

I don't see Linguix underlines in Google Docs

If your document is relatively long, we will ask you

Linguix does not work on WordPress

Linguix works with WordPress when you access this blogging tool

I have set my dialect to English (GB) but the app does not flag US spellings

Linguix has a unique English dialect feature. However, it is

I am a Premium user but the app prompts me to upgrade

Sometime you might be accidentally logged out of the system.

I see the purple icon spinning, but get no grammar suggestions

If you are able to see the purple icon spinning,

Linguix for Browser does not seem to be working

If you do not see any activity of our browser

I don’t see Linguix Keyboard after installation

If you tap the globe icon in messaging apps, but

The Keyboard prompts me to sign in

In order to deliver the best experience we need you

Linguix for Word/Outlook does not work on my Windows computer

Sometimes users installing Linguix for Word or Outlook can see

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