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Connect Linguix REST API

Linguix checker REST API 

SWAGGER / OPENAPI https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/Linguix/checker-rest/1.0.0 

We use the bearer authentication method. You need a token to work with the API. 

The client must send a token in the Authorization header when making requests: 

1 Authorization: Bearer <token> – contact us to receive the token.


1 https://api.linguix.com/api/v1


POST /checker 

Request body (application/json): 

1 {“text”: “I did not knew how to did this.”} 


1 { 
2 "alerts": [ 
3 { 
4 "length": 4, 
5 "offset": 10, 
6 "message": "After the auxiliary verb ‘do’, use the base form of a verb. Did you mean “know”?", 7 "shortMessage": "Possible grammar error", 8 "category": "Grammar", 
9 "replacements": [ 
10 "know" 
11 ] 
12 }, 
13 ... 
14 ] 
15 } 

Alerts array parameters:

lengthintegerError token length
offsetintegerToken offset in text
messagestringFull description of the error
shortMessagestringShort description of the error
categorystringError category name
replacementsarrayPossible replacements sorted by descending probability
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