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About Linguix

Access Linguix on a new device

For now, Linguix applies no restrictions on the number of

How many devices can I use Linguix on?

For now, Linguix applies no restrictions on the number of

Can I use Linguix to check texts in languages other than English?

Unfortunately, at the moment our system supports only the English

Does Linguix offer a trial?

Individual Subscriptions Linguix does not offer a Premium trial for

What is Linguix Premium?

Besides free Linguix online writing assistant, we also offer Premium

Does Linguix support Google Docs?

We are currently beta testing the Linguix’s browser extensions in

How can I check my emails with Linguix?

With the browser extension, you can easily check emails that

How do I use Linguix

Using Linguix is simple. You need to go to www.linguix.com

How it works

Linguix system using AI technology, machine learning and the comprehensive

What products do we offer

In addition to the online Linguix Editor, Linguix also offers

What is Linguix?

Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant that helps people in

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